Risk-Free Wisdom Teeth Removal Plantation FL Treatments

Wisdom Teeth Removal Plantation FLSome people are lucky enough to go through life without having their wisdom teeth emerged. Others, less fortunate, live this experience at different levels of discomfort. Wisdom teeth – known as the third molars – usually develop between 17 and 25 years old. While it is rare to have a wisdom tooth emerge after the age of 30, such situations are not totally unheard of. Wisdom teeth come with plenty of symptoms, side-effects and a few risks (if you don’t seek immediate professional medical attention). This is why our wisdom teeth removal Plantation FL specialists are here to tell you a few things about wisdom teeth and their risk-free extraction.

Wisdom Teeth: Symptoms and Side-Effects

Most wisdom teeth are impacted – they don’t have enough gum space to develop, thus pushing against the other teeth or the jaw bone. Sometimes, the upper ones, can lead to synus problems as well. If they break through the gums, the usual symptoms include gum inflammations and bleeding. Wisdom teeth can emerge in an angled or even horizontal position. Their development is usually disruptive on several levels, as they can cause head aches, ear aches and localized infections. If the wisdom tooth’s emergence leads to an infection, in turn, this can spread to your blood stream, causing other health damages as well.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Plantation FL Risk-Free Process

Once you arrive to our office, you will be assigned to a specialist who will first conduct a diagnosis and a thorough evaluation of the situation. There is the risk that your wisdom tooth is accompanied by an infection. In this case, your doctor will first recommend an antibiotics treatment to make the removal safe.

We use the latest equipment, techniques, materials, anesthetics, and procedures to make all interventions extremely safe and fast. Our doctors have nearly 60 years of clinical practice combined so you will be in very good hands. Our specialists follow continuous education programs to stay updated to the latest findings and advancements in the field.

We offer all dental treatments under one roof. You won’t have to go to another specialist to have your dental problem evaluated and then come back to us to have the tooth extracted. On the contrary, we will deal with your particular case from A to Z, including post-intervention treatment, healing promotion, check-ups and complementary dental services.

All our patients appreciate the warm, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere they find here and the genuine interest in making all their dental experiences here affordable, comfortable, and safe.