Professional Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Wisdom Teeth Removal Fort Lauderdale FLWisdom teeth (the third molars) are the last teeth that emerge through our gums. Their eruption usually occurs somewhere between 17 and 25 years old, but some people can go through life without any such tooth ever erupting. Some unfortunate ones have just one such tooth emerge, while the really unfortunate have all four of them emerge at different points in life. There are few cases of wisdom teeth emerging just like any other tooth – with no problems and no stress. However, the vast majority of patients experience different severe symptoms and long-term damages.

Today, our specialists of wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida are here to explain to you a few things about wisdom teeth and their removal.

What Should You Know about Wisdom Teeth?

As we said, in many cases, wisdom teeth usually grow impacted – this means that they grow at unusual angles or they partially erupt in a horizontal position. They can push against other teeth or, worse, the jaw bone. The upper wisdom teeth can severely impact and infect your sinuses or cause ear aches. While they break through the gums, these molars can cause inflammation, infections, bleeding and pain.

Before anything else, your specialist of wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida will first want to see an X-ray to assess the severity of the situation. In case the wisdom tooth created an abscess or an infection, you will have to follow an antibiotics treatment before any surgery is performed.

The removal itself is not problematic. A trained specialist of wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida will use safe, modern, and efficient anesthetics to make things easier for you. Moreover, he will make sure you won’t experience any side effects and that healing will go on smoothly.

What You Should Know about Our Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida

We are a team of certified professionals who have nearly 60 years of clinical experience and hundreds of success cases. We employ the latest and safest anesthetics, materials, and equipment, and we undergo continuous education and training to offer you the most modern and least invasive procedures possible. We also offer all dental services under one roof and we work fast to save you time. We built a strong reputation on patient care, so you will be pleased to find a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our office, together with personalized financial planning strategies to make your wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale Florida affordable.