Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal Aventura FL Treatments

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aventura FLThey say we get our wisdom teeth in between 17 and 25 years old, but an adult can spend many years until his first wisdom tooth decides to emerge guns blazing. Wisdom teeth are molars that can give you no trouble at all or that can immediately send you to a dentist. If you hope for real wisdom to come together with your emerging wisdom tooth, things are not as easy as they seem. Today, our wisdom teeth removal Aventura FL specialists are here to offer you some important information about these molars so you know what to expect.

Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Your Friends

In very rare cases a wisdom tooth emerges with no damaging side effects. However, in 90% of the cases, wisdom teeth emerge angled, impacted, decayed, fractured, or cracked. Even worse, wisdom teeth can grow in a horizontal position, with the root pushing against the jaw bone or the other teeth. They usually damage the gums to the extent of causing an infection. Besides gum swelling or bleeding, the infection can also lead to abscesses or its spread into the blood stream. Wisdom teeth come also with pain; headaches, jaw bone pain, ear aches, and sometimes fever (in case the infection is serious). Our wisdom teeth removal Aventura FL specialists recommend you to immediately see your dentist if you experience such symptoms.

Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal Aventura FL Interventions

Many think that the removal of the wisdom tooth is painful, but the truth is the wisdom tooth itself causes pain and health issues. Our wisdom teeth removal Aventura FL procedures are completely comfortable, as we use the latest and safest anesthetics, equipment and material to make things easy for you. Moreover, we offer all dental services under one roof. You will get a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, fast and efficient wisdom teeth removal (as we value your time), and post-removal treatments in case the wisdom tooth caused other dental damages.

Another thing you need to know about our wisdom teeth removal Aventura FL services is that they are tailored to be as non-invasive as possible and performed by doctors combining nearly 60 years of medical practice. Besides our highly professional attitude towards your dental health, you will also enjoy the warm, positive, and friendly atmosphere in our office. Last but not least, we will work actively and creatively with you to make all dental services affordable. Don’t let a wisdom tooth ruin your quality of life and come down our office for diagnosis and treatment!