We Offer Treatments for Outstanding Dental Bridges in Weston FL

Why letting one or more missing teeth ruin your self confidence, self esteem quality of life or professional success? We all know a missing tooth is more than just an aesthetic problem; it can turn into a health problem as it obstructs correct biting and mastication, it can escalate into a gum inflammation or infection problem, and it can even alter the structure of your face. Get rid of all these issues by having a talk with our dental bridges Weston FL specialists who are more than willing to find the best solutions for you!

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental Crowns and Bridges Weston FLDental bridges are permanent prosthetic solutions that successfully solve a missing teeth issue. In comparison to partial removable dentures, for instance, you will enjoy the fact that you won’t have to remove your teeth from time to time for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Traditional dental bridges consist of a pontic tooth (usually made of porcelain) that fills in the gap and flanking crowns that are placed over the teeth on the side of the gap.

Is the Dental Bridges Weston FL Treatment Painful?

Even if your doctor will reshape and recontour your abutments so they can receive the bridge-holding crowns, the procedure is non-invasive. We use the safest anesthetics and most modern equipment, materials, and procedures to make the entire experience comfortable. We also have nearly 60 years of combined medical expertise; we get trained in the latest techniques to make the treatment fast, efficient, and painless. You will get your bridges placed in no time!

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Usually, you will get your bridges cemented into place in two sessions. The first session is dedicated to a thorough evaluation and abutments’ preparation. In order to further protect your freshly filed teeth and gums, your dental bridges Weston FL specialist may install a temporary bridge. The final bridge will be manufactured in a certified laboratory.

How Long Does it Take to Adjust to the New Teeth?

Your doctor will make sure the bridge fits perfectly and preserves your correct bite pattern. Dental bridges are lightweight and they don’t put pressure on your gums (as heavier or larger restorations do). They also need little time to heal so you will resume your normal life in no time. You will soon forget you have them and you will be able to chew and speak with no problems. Of course, to keep your bridges and your dental health intact, our dental bridges Weston FL specialists recommend you follow a regular daily oral hygiene routine.