We Offer Certified Services for Lumineers in Aventura FL

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Lumineers grow in popularity every day. More and more patients choose Lumineers to restore their smiles and improve their dental health in a fast and efficient manner. However, there are plenty of things patients don’t know about this procedure yet, so today, our Lumineers Aventura FL experts are here to shine some light on this particular treatment.

What Are Lumineers Exactly?

Lumineers Aventura FLLumineers are actually a particular brand of classic porcelain veneers featuring some important particularities: they are half the thickness of regular veneers and they don’t need previous teeth preparation (trimming, grinding etc). Lumineers are known and praised because this brand is the oldest on the market and most advertised, although there are other no-prep veneers available to patients.

What Are the Advantages of Lumineers over Veneers?

Lumineers and traditional veneers share the same advantages:

  • They restore the shape, size, looks, and functions of your teeth
  • They turn your smile bright, white, and resilient to stains, spots, cracks etc
  • They are made only by certified laboratories and applied by licensed doctors
  • They strengthen your teeth and improve your oral health
  • They can last you around 15 years with no major interventions

However, Lumineers also come with the advantage of making the entire application process fast: you will have brand new teeth in two visits tops, as Lumineers don’t need teeth preparation. As a corollary, the application of Lumineers is completely non invasive.

Why Should You Choose our Lumineers Aventura FL Services?

Once you step foot in our office you will learn that we offer all cosmetic dentistry services under one roof. Your designated specialist will conduct an evaluation and decide the best course of action. If Lumineers are what you will get, your doctor will take a mold of your teeth and send it to a specialized laboratory. Once the Lumineers come back, he will fine-tune them and apply them to your teeth.

Besides saving time, money, and effort receiving all services in our office, you should also know we work only with the top specialists in the field, professionals having nearly 60 years of combined medical practice. Moreover, we collaborate only with certified laboratories and we use the latest and most advanced equipment and materials.

We also work hard, actively, and creatively to make all our procedures affordable. Just enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our office, our above-standard services and our impeccable Lumineers Aventura FL services without worrying about your budget for a second!