We Offer Above-Standard Treatments for Braces in Weston FL

Orthodontics is the dental science focused on braces. There are plenty of myths and twisted facts about these devices and people are reluctant to wear them despite their true-and-tested benefits. Today, our braces Weston FL specialists are here to tell you some truths and give you some information about modern, efficient, and reliable orthodontic interventions.

1. Who Can Benefit from Braces?

“Anyone” is the answer in short. Despite popular belief, people of any age can benefit from our braces Weston FL treatments. People usually associate braces with children and teens, but self-aware and responsible adults also come to our office to have their smiles restored and their dental alignment issues fixed once and for all.

2. Are Modern Braces As Painful as They Were Before?

Many doctors acknowledge the fact that braces have a bad reputation due to their looks and associated discomfort. Braces have come a long way and today our braces Weston FL specialists can recommend you invisible braces, metal braces, ceramic or acrylic braces, sapphire ones, and so on. Technology has evolved a lot and now braces are more comfortable, less visible, less invasive, and more efficient than before.

3. What Types of Braces Will Solve the Teeth Problem Faster?

Braces Weston FLAt this point we have to clear some things up: for adults, the average time to wear metal braces to get a moderate dental problem solved is around 23 months. But orthodontics isn’t a “one size fits all” recipe. You can get your smile back in six months with ceramic braces or in three years with metal braces – it all depends of the severity of your teeth problems. If you have unhealthy gums, jawbone issues, missing teeth that need implants, and so on, it’s not the braces that determine the timeframe but the actual skill of your doctor. Our braces Weston FL specialists have nearly 60 years of clinical expertise combined and they are engaged in continuous education and training. It is their skill in braces fitting and fine-tuning that will determine the amount of time you will spend wearing braces. Moreover, you will also need to follow your doctor’s recommendations related to retainers and daily oral health to achieve the best possible results.

4. How Affordable Are Braces?

It is not a secret that braces can cost up to several thousand dollars but you shouldn’t worry too much about money. Our braces Weston FL specialists will work with you closely and creatively to design you a financial plan that takes away the burden from your shoulders. All our braces Weston FL interventions are designed to help the patient achieve better dental care and better quality of life.