Stress-Free Veneers Lauderdale by the Sea FL Services

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When people talk about veneers and their major cosmetic advantages, they do feel a little worried about some things related to the entire process: how veneers will look like, how will they feel, how painful the application will be, how costly such a treatment is, what restrictions or maintenance rules they will have to tackle and so on. Veneers are indeed excellent choices for you to restore your smile and dental health and today our veneers Lauderdale by the Sea FL specialists are here to put your mind at ease when it comes to veneers’ perceived stress.

1. Do Veneers Look Natural?

Veneers are made of porcelain or a resin composite able to mimic your teeth’s natural color and enamel shine and light reflection ability. In time, at a very close look, you might see some fluctuations in the color of veneers but they are just as minor as your natural teeth’s’ color fluctuations.

2. Are Veneers Uncomfortable?

Veneers Lauderdale by the Sea FLJust like with braces, it’s not the veneers per se that contribute to your comfort, but the skill of your veneers Lauderdale by the Sea FL specialist. Once the veneers come back from the lab and your doctor trimmed your teeth, he will also fine-tune, polish, and shape the veneers so they perfectly fit your teeth and you feel nothing out of the ordinary. You will need some period of adjustment – as you have porcelain shells over your teeth – but the awkward feeling will pass. In case you still feel veneers as “unnatural”, your follow-up visit to your doctor in a couple of weeks will solve the problem.

3. What Restrictions Are Imposed by Veneers?

Absolutely none! You will able to eat, speak and especially smile normally without any restrictions. As maintenance is concerned, you should know that daily brushing and flossing will keep your veneers strong and clean with no problems.

4. How Often Should Veneers Be Changed?

Our professional veneers Lauderdale by the Sea FL applications are made of premium materials and installed by certified and skilled doctors. Veneers themselves are quite resilient to wear and tear. In other words, your veneers should last you for about 15 years with no major interventions.

5. Are Veneers a Financial Burden?

Not if you come to us! Besides the fact that we use the latest equipment and materials and the best experts in the field, we will also work creatively with you to offer you the best veneers at the most affordable of prices. You won’t have to worry about anything but smiling wide and often!