Impeccable Veneers Aventura FL Treatments

VeneersMany people think veneers are used for cosmetic purposes only, masking teeth problems and offering the patient a bright white smile again. However, veneers also have a restorative and curative purpose, fixing some teeth issues and preventing other problems from occurring. Our veneers Aventura FL specialists are here today to answer some frequently asked questions about veneers so you can make an educated choice should you be interested in this procedure.

What Are Veneers Exactly?

Veneers represent ultra-thin shells of ceramic or composite resin material used to cover teeth surfaces. They are a more conservative and non-invasive alternative to crowns – their bonding over your teeth requires little local anesthesia and prepping. Veneers restore your smile as they mimic the color of your natural teeth and reflect the light just as your natural teeth enamel does.

When Do You Need our Veneers Aventura FL Services?

As we said, veneers have both an aesthetic and a restorative role. Usually, veneers are recommended in the following cases:

  • You want to change a tooth’s color, size or shape
  • You want to hide some of your teeth’ undesirable defects: stains, spots, cracks, damages caused by injuries or root canals.
  • You want to mask the discolored fillings placed in front of teeth
  • You want to cover gaps in between two teeth to avoid tooth decay and restore your smile
  • You want to achieve a beautiful, straight, even, and smooth smile hiding all teeth’ flaws of size shape or surface.

Why Should You Choose our Veneers Aventura FL Services?

The first thing you will receive once you step in our office will be a thorough analysis of your teeth situation. Should the specialist consider you would greatly benefit from veneers, he will have them made and then he will bond them over your teeth. As the reasons for choosing our services go, let us tell you a few things about our office and vision:

  • Our team has nearly 60 years of combined clinical expertise; all our doctors follow continuous education and practice and they stay updated to the latest and most modern materials, equipment, and techniques.
  • We perform all dental services under one roof, so you won’t have to run between dental offices wasting time and money.
  • We work creatively and actively with every patient to find the best pricing solutions so you can benefit of state-of-the-art veneers Aventura FL treatments without any financial stress.