The Winner of the FREE Total Smile Transformation is…

Each year we choose a patient who is in dire need of cosmetic dentistry but cannot afford the procedures. In those cases we donate our time and services to them for FREE. The requirements for the best patient were that they:

  • Can’t afford the cosmetic procedures. (Everything is covered by JJ Dental)
  • Have a severe mouth condition of diseased, severely crooked, stained and/or missing teeth.
  • Confidence, career, relationships and/or life are affected by this condition.
  • Live in Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

This Year’s Total Smile Transformation

We asked you if you knew someone whose life and confidence would be forever changed by this total smile transformation, and many of you did just that. You shared our calling with your friends and family, and the word spread. Now, after careful consideration, we have found the prime candidate for this year’s Total Smile Transformation.

Carla Daglio won the hearts of our entire staff with her story, personality, and she really really needs the help. After reviewing over 30 submitted applications and videos, Carla’s was the most inspiring and heart warming. Thank you to everyone who submitted their applications, and don’t be discouraged, because you still have an opportunity for our help next year!

Thank you so much, to all of you who helped us in finding our candidate!

Dr. Jonathan Cook & Dr. John DeStefon
JJ Dental Cosmetic Dentistry