Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening process begins by taking an impression of the top teeth and an impression of the bottom teeth. We then make the actual bleaching trays which are like little plastic molds of your teeth that fit around the teeth. We provide the patient with the bleaching trays once they’re made, and we provide them with bleaching gel as well.

The bleaching gel is typically worn by the patient for two weeks, for between an hour and three hours every night, before they go to bed. They will apply the gel into the actual bleaching tray. In two weeks time, they’ll notice a major difference in the shade of their teeth.

The bleaching gel opens the pores in the tooth. The tooth, believe it or not, has pores just like the skin on your face. It will open the pores and draw the external stain of the teeth out of those pores, lightening the teeth dramatically.

Zoom Teeth Whitening & Diversident Teeth Whitening

If you want the same results as the bleaching trays, in less time, and with less effort, our office also offers Zoom teeth whitening , and Diversident whitening. Both are great, and the benefits of both are really that it’s almost instantaneous. You can improve the color of your teeth two, three, four, and sometimes up to five shades in a matter of an hour or two.

The way that these two procedures work is the teeth are isolated with a material, separating the teeth from the gums, and creating a barrier preventing the bleaching gel from making contact with the gums. The bleaching gel is placed on the teeth, and a special light speeds the reaction of the gel to pull the stain out of the teeth quicker. Finally the gel is washed away and the patient walks out with a brighter, whiter smile.

These two procedures are typically more expensive than the take-home bleaching trays. If you are on a short deadline due to a social event, wedding, family reunion, or other social engagement that you would like to improve your smile for, then Zoom teeth whiteneing or Diversident whitening are both viable solutions.

The key difference between Zoom and Diversident is with Zoom, it just takes a little bit longer than the Diversident. Typically when bleaching the teeth, there’s almost always sensitivity associated with the process. With Diversident, most patients who have tried both, report that Diversident bleaching causes limited or no sensitivity whatsoever.