Why is SureSmile Better Than Invisalign?

SureSmile Application

  • Less Expensive – Smaller investment & insurance will cover it!
  • Digitally designed & sculpted to fit your mouth perfectly.
  • Precision Digital 3D Mouth Scan – No goopy cement plaster molds.
  • More Invisible – Aligners are more clear & indetectable than Invisalign
  • More Precise – Designed using an incredibly detailed 3d model of your mouth.
  • More Comfortable – Perfect fit from an ultra high resolution digital mouth scan.
  • Works Faster – Straightens your teeth as much as 40% faster.
  • Less painful – It fits better and needs fewer adjustments.

SureSmile® corrects the same dental problems as traditional metal braces; the only difference is that it is almost invisible to the naked eye and can be removed at will.