Stress-Free Oral Surgery Davie FL Procedures

The idea of oral surgery is enough to make patients feel uncomfortable and stressed. The general opinion is that oral surgery involves hospitals, general anesthesia, recovery days and endless medical treatments. The truth, however, is that oral surgery can be performed by experts in general dental offices and clinics, as oral surgery covers a lot of commonplace dental interventions. In other words, you have nothing to be worried about: our oral surgery Davie FL procedures are comfortable, stress-free, and belonging to a more general dental treatment plant may require at some point. Let’s get into details, shall we?

What Dental Procedures Require Oral Surgery?

As we said, oral surgery is complementary and essential to plenty dental interventions that are commonplace:

  • Teeth extractions – especially if it comes to impacted wisdom teeth or other teeth
  • Dental implants – the fixing of the dental implant to the jaw bone is achieved through oral surgery
  • The fitting of braces or dentures – sometimes you need an oral surgeon to remove some crowded teeth or fix the jaw bone to make dentures and braces fit perfectly and achieve the best results
  • Biopsies and lesion treatments – as a part of oral cancer screening interventions

Oral Cancer Screening Davie FLOral surgery, of course, covers plenty of other important and more severe problems. In such cases, inter-disciplinary teams of oral surgeons, prosthodontists, plastic surgeons, and more are needed to perform jaw bone repairs or grafts, facial infections treatment, face trauma and injuries fixing, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, palate fixing, temporomandibular joint pain treatments, sleep apnea, and so on.

One important thing you should know about oral surgery is that it cannot be performed by a general dentist. The surgeon needs specific years of study and practice to be able to perform such interventions.

How Stress-Free Are our Oral Surgery Davie FL Procedures?

First and foremost, you will be treated by top experts in oral surgery, practitioners who have years of experience and practice, together with plenty of success cases. Moreover, once you arrive to our office, you will receive all dental services under one roof: you will be cared for by an inter-disciplinary team of experts who will treat your dental problems A to Z. Oral surgery is not painful or invasive either: we use the latest anesthetics, equipment and materials to make your experience comfortable. We also work very fast and efficient to lower your anxiety levels and we creatively work with you to make all your dental services affordable.