Root Canals in Fort Lauderdale FL: What to Know and to Expect

If your dentist announced you needed a root canal – and it is the first such procedure you have to go through – we are sure that you feel a little confused and a little fearful. Today, our experts in root canals in Fort Lauderdale FL are here to take the mystery out of this conventional procedure and explain to you the things you should know and the ones to expect.

1. The Procedure is long but Painless

Granted, you will get anesthesia so your doctor can thoroughly remove the infected pulp from the inside of your problematic tooth. On the other hand, once you move past your reluctance regarding needles, all our root canals Fort Lauderdale FL treatments are painless.

The procedure might take a while, however. Some doctors even recommend anxious patients to listen to their favorite music, podcast or audiobook during the session to get a distraction, relax, and help pass the time quicker.

2. Some Root Canals in Fort Lauderdale FL Require Crowns

As you probably know, after a root canal procedure, your tooth might need further interventions. Usually, they take the shape of crowns, meant to fully restore the form, strength, and functions of the tooth. Our experts in root canals in Fort Lauderdale FL work with professional technicians to take an impression of your tooth and build you a permanent crown. Until the crown is ready, you might have to wear a temporary one.

3. The Dreaded Side Effects: Reality Check

After a root canal intervention, you can expect some discomfort, especially when the anesthetic wears off. The typical side effects include:

  • Numb gums, lips, and cheeks for a few hours until the anesthesia fades away;
  • Localized soreness, sensitivity, or pain after the anesthesia wears off; these side effects can persist for a couple of days, pain peaking sometime in between 17-24 hours after the procedure;
  • Teeth aches are terrible for real; for this reason, most specialists in root canals in Fort Lauderdale FL will most likely write you a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication or other types of painkillers that fit your state best;
  • The effects described above are commonplace; a few hours of discomfort may be typical for other dental interventions, teeth cleaning/whitening, Lumineers applications, and cavity treatments included.

The side effects that are rare, invasive, and should raise concern are the following: excessive swelling, infection, allergic reactions or rashes, disabling pain, bleeding, localized itching, fever spikes, and so on.

In case of such symptoms, which are not characteristic to any root canals in Fort Lauderdale FL, contact your dentist or family doctor immediately.

4. Wait for More, Get far Worse

It is a truth generally available for any health problem you have, not only for dental issues. If your doctor recommended you a root canal, you should schedule it sooner rather than later. The more you wait, the worse the pain becomes, and the riskier things get towards developing complications and overall health problems.

5. Post-Intervention Care is a Breeze

Once you received the treatment from your specialist in root canals in Fort Lauderdale FL and you have the new crown in place, you are free to resume your life. Nevertheless, make sure you follow at least the minimum rules of good dental health: daily teeth brushing, dental floss using, get teeth cleaning treatment once a year, and see your doctor at least every six months for checkups. Other than that, root canals are less frightening than they sound.