All You Need to Know about Root Canals Davie FL Treatments

Root Canals Davie FLMany people end up, unfortunately, on the dentist’s chair only when their teeth ache is so bad they can’t enjoy a normal daily living anymore. One of the major teeth problems is caries, able to cause moderate to severe teeth health problems that need immediate attention.

  • If one of your teeth aches for a few seconds in contact with cold or hot food / beverages, you may need to address that problem immediately.
  • If your tooth aches for a few days even if the cold / hot stimulus is long gone, you should see your dentist for a case of irreversible pulpitis requiring immediate root canals Davie FL treatments.

Now let’s see a few things about root canals so you can be more informed about the procedure and the factors leading to it.

Irreversible pulpitis – the Trigger of Root Canals Treatments

If you have untreated caries, they can penetrate the enamel and push deep into the dentin, affecting the soft tissue naturally found in the tooth’s root canal. If the damage is severe, the pulp inside your tooth gets necrotic and infected. The pain may spread to your entire jaw, while the infection can enter your blood stream, causing other health issues. Mild, reversible pulpitis can be treated with a filling, while the irreversible one requires a root canal treatment (the removal of the infected tissue) and a tooth restoration with the help of a crown.

What Should You Know about our Root Canals Davie FL Treatments?

Your doctor will perform a full diagnosis of the problem and, if the situation requires it, he will also need an X-ray to assess the situation. Should you indeed have a necrotic pulp problem, your doctor will use the safest anesthetics and the most modern equipment and techniques to remove the pulp and restore your dental health.

Our doctors have nearly 60 years of clinical expertise and they are specialists in endodontic treatments; this means they will be efficient, saving you a lot of time, making the entire procedure comfortable and painless. Their skills are the guarantee of a safe and efficient treatment.

In case you feel some anxiety related to the procedure, don’t worry: we treat all our patients as family members and you will feel at ease in our office due to its warm, positive atmosphere. We also offer in-office comforts and amenities to alleviate your stress.

We also perform all dental procedures under one roof, so you will receive full care without you having to juggle with multiple dental appointments, thus saving you time, money, and effort.