Pros in Dental Crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL Answer FAQs about Crowns

Many people wonder about the necessity and uses of dental crowns, especially when they have to make a difference between them and traditional cavity fillings. Some even complain that their dentists try to “sell” them dental crowns and need to understand more about the procedure. Today, our pros in dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL are here to explain to you some things and answer some frequently asked questions related to this particular treatment.

If I do not have a broken tooth, why do I need a dental crown?

When you have a broken tooth that needs saving, a dental crown becomes an obvious solution of “teeth saving.” However, in practice, patients go through plenty of instances when the need for a dental crown is less evident. Our pros in dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL list the situations where dental crowns are the safest and healthiest solution even if you do not have a damaged tooth:

  • To repair and restore a tooth that had a massive cavity filling;
  • To strengthen and fix a tooth that had a large and old fill;
  • To create an anchor for a bridge;
  • To safeguard a tooth that suffered a root canal procedure.

If you already received some fillings for some teeth cavities, the dental crown may seem a questionable method for the doctor to take more money from you. However, you should know that large cavities require caps so you can preserve the tooth.

The larger the filling, the less tooth material you have, and the higher the risk you face to have that filling fall out. It is irresponsible (and yes, unfair) for a dentist to fill a large cavity knowing the patient will soon return to the office with even a more significant problem (fallen filling or cracked tooth).

Does a dental crown require a root canal?

Most dental crown treatments do not require a root canal. If the tooth does not present infections or inflammation, you will not receive a root canal.

Nevertheless, a root canal always requires a dental crown. As your dentist drills and grinds your tooth to reach the infected pulp inside the tooth’s root, you will need a dental crown so that tooth continues to function.

Does a dental crown look and feel like a real tooth?

Yes. An expert in dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL will shape and color the dental cap to look and work exactly like your real teeth.

Should I pay particular attention to my crowned teeth?

Just because you have one or more crowned teeth, it does not mean you should neglect them. Dental crowns are not eternal and they the same protection and hygiene as your other teeth. Caps can break or chip if you do not take good care of them. Brush your teeth (crowned or not) as your doctor ordered and visit the dental office for checkups at least twice a year.

Will I afford dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL?

Many patients avoid such procedure believing their insurance will not cover the treatment or they do not have enough coverage for such interventions. Never jeopardize your health and quality of life only because you think you cannot afford proper medical treatments. Come in our office and have a lengthy discussion with our experts in dental crowns in Fort Lauderdale FL. We can provide you with a proper financial solution to solve your dental problems and ease your mind when it comes to financial burdens.