Professional Services for Lumineers in Hollywood FL

Everybody wants perfect smiles that last for decades with minimal care. How amazing would it be to get a perfectly white, straight, even, strong beautifully sized and shaped smile almost overnight? Sounds too good to be true? Well, for those who don’t know, Lumineers have been improving smiles for almost 30 years now, but they are witnessing a rise in popularity as of late. After all, a naturally looking perfect smile is something to invest in to boost your quality of life. For those who don’t know what Lumineers are yet, let’s have our Lumineers Hollywood FL specialists to give you some necessary information!

Lumineers Hollywood FL1. Lumineers Aare No-Prep Veneers

These thin shells of high-grade porcelain are half the thickness of regular veneers. They are, in fact, a brand name (the oldest and the best known and marketed) of no-prep veneers able to restore a person’s smile with no prior teeth preparation. Since they are so thin, your dentist won’t have to trim, grind and reduce your teeth to bond your Lumineers over them.

2. Lumineers Lead to Dramatically Improved Smiles

Lumineers look natural and they are used to reshape and resize your teeth. Your smile will thus look white and clean, straight, even, and beautiful. The main advantage of Lumineers is that you will enjoy such spectacular results after only two visits to your dentist.

3. Lumineers Last for a Very Long Time

Once bonded over your teeth, your Lumineers can last over 20 years with minimal care. Since they are not porous, they don’t get stained or discolored easily. All you have to do is brush and floss daily and pay your doctor a visit every 6 months for check-up. They are also resilient to everything you eat, so they won’t get displaced or damaged by sticky or hard foods. Clinical studies show that if properly bonded on your teeth, your Lumineers will improve your teeth strength and health.

Why Are our Lumineers Hollywood FL Services so Popular?

The success of Lumineers depends on the skills of the ceramist making them and the skills of your dentist applying them. We work only with certified and experienced doctors and licensed laboratories. Our team has nearly 60 years of combined clinical practice and all of us undergo continuous education and training to offer patients the best dental treatments. We work only with the latest equipment and materials and perform the most modern and least invasive techniques. Last but not least, we offer a warm and positive atmosphere to make all your dental visits enjoyable.