Our Specialists Discuss Time-Resilient Veneers Weston FL Treatments

Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic and restorative dental services in the last years. A more conservative and less invasive approach to crowns, veneers play a strong cosmetic purpose and a therapeutic one for patients who need to restore their smiles. Today, our veneers Weston FL specialists are here to offer you a quick guide on veneers and their resilience in time – an issue concerning more and more patients.

Veneers Features and Benefits

One of the many questions people ask before getting veneers is whether veneers get darker in time or lose their initial color. In order to answer that, let’s take a look at some of the veneers’ main features.

Modern porcelain veneers, made of top-grade biocompatible materials, are dense, smooth, and resistant. They won’t slowly “lose” their color or shine, looking amazing even after a decade of wearing. Veneers are color stable and they won’t absorb stains readily. Sometimes veneers can accumulate small, slight superficial stains (very seldom, as they are not porous like your natural teeth). Should stains appear on your veneers, you can fix the problem in your doctor’s office. Oxidizing the veneers’ stains with whitening gel is a commonplace practice with very good results.

Veneers Weston FLAnother concern related to veneers is their maintenance. Of course nobody wants to have their veneers changed every few years, so proper veneer care is a topic that needs to be addresses. Our veneers Weston FL specialists agree that veneers need a minimal but constant dental care: twice-a-day brushing and flossing should be enough for you to enjoy your veneers for years to come.

As we all know, our teeth get darker with age. Should you feel that your veneers got a darker shade, it is likely that the tooth behind the veneer got darker. In this particular case, a friendly chat with your dentist and a quick, efficient intervention on the tooth behind the veneer will solve the problem.

Should You Get Our Veneers Weston FL Services?

If you ask our patients for references, you will soon learn that we only work with the latest materials, equipment, and procedures. Besides the fact that we will offer you top-of-the-line porcelain veneers, we will also offer you all dental services you need, as we do cover all dental needs under one roof. Moreover, our doctors are trained and experienced, combining almost 60 years of clinical expertise. You will also feel like a member of our family, getting our full support no matter what dental problem you experience.