Our Experts in Dentures in Fort Lauderdale share their Tips on Dentures’ Maintenance

When dentures are your best and safest way to regain your dental health and quality of life, you should not give things a second thought. Even if the dentures treatment seems scary at first, you should not be afraid. Millions of people all over the world have them and enjoy all life’s pleasures without suffering from health consequences. Nevertheless, dentures need maintenance and a bit of care so you can keep them for years on end. For this reason, our experts in dentures in Fort Lauderdale FL are here today to offer some tips and suggestions on how to maintain your dentures in tip-top shape!

Dentures Cleaning Frequency

According to our experts in dentures in Fort Lauderdale FL, you should clean your dentures as often as you brush your teeth – twice a day. The more attention you pay to your oral routine, the safer you will be against gum diseases, infections, or teeth decay. Of course, you should listen to your dentist and follow the prescriptions you receive. Adhering to a strict routine helps you prevent future dental losses.

Dentures Cleaning Method

You need to focus as much on the correct way to clean your dentures as you focus on frequency. Let’s see some tips from our dentures experts:

  • Remove your dentures with care and gently brush out any food residue from them, using a special dentures paste;
  • Soak your dentures in the denture cleaner recommended by your dentist; make sure that you have a good stock of cleanser at hand, as replacing it with hard water is a no-no. Hot water can warp your dentures, and you should avoid it at all costs;
  • After you soaked them, some dentists recommend you gently brush them again – not too hard (avoid denting them) but hard enough to make sure there are no bacteria left. Consider the second brushing as a preventative method.
  • Put the dentures back and repeat the process any time you clean your natural teeth and your dentures daily.

Using the Right Dentures Cleaning Products

First, you should follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding dentures cleaning products. Our specialists in dentures in Fort Lauderdale FL recommend you to choose such maintenance items according to the type of dentures you have. For instance, if you suffer from teeth or gum sensitivity, you probably have dentures with a soft lining. To clean them, you need to pick products that specifically say they will not damage the coating.

  • Don’t use products based on bleaching ingredients as they tend to weaken and harm dentures in time, making them more vulnerable to damage.
  • The prolonged use of bleaching creams and rinses will make your dentures look less and less like natural teeth.

Minor Lifestyle Changes

Dentures help you regain your quality of life and enjoy the foods and drinks you love. However, you should mind potential stains caused by strong coffee, black tea, red wine, and heavily pigmented fruits. If you notice that such foods and beverages stain your teeth, talk to your dentist about a dentures cleaning and whitening session.

Let Your Specialists in Dentures in Fort Lauderdale FL Help You

Just as your doctor already told you, you should visit the office for regular checkups, tartar removals, stain cleaning, and overall investigations of your teeth and gums. Our experts in dentures in Fort Lauderdale FL will help you implement and follow an easy and efficient dentures maintenance program to preserve your smile and your joy for life!