3 Things to Know about our Oral Surgery Hollywood FL Interventions

Oral Surgery Hollywood FLMany people feel anxious when it comes to the concept of oral surgery, but you should have nothing to worry about: oral surgery is more commonplace than you might think. It is an important part of any complex dental treatment and it is performed only by specialized and trained experts. Today, our oral surgery Hollywood FL practitioners are here to tell you a few things about oral surgery that you should know.

1. Oral Surgery Is Integrated in Other Dental Treatments

While we are perfectly aware that one size doesn’t fit all, we also offer all dental services under one roof. This means that we work with specialized doctors who work as a team to solve your particular dental problem, thus saving you time and money. Our oral surgery Hollywood FL treatments are actually a part of other more complex dental interventions including wisdom teeth removal, impacted / crowded teeth extractions, dental implants, braces / dentures fitting, oral cancer screening (lesion removal and biopsies), and so on.

2. Oral Surgery Is Performed Only by Specialists

Oral surgeons receive complex education and training and plenty of general medicine and even plastic surgery education. Complex issues concerning facial infections or trauma, jaw bone repairs and grafting, TMJ treatments, sleep apnea treatments require a team of doctors who are each a master of his own field. Our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined clinical expertise and they receive ongoing education and training so they can offer you the best and most modern treatments possible.

3. Oral Surgery Is Comfortable

The term surgery is not one to make you feel at ease, but you shouldn’t worry about anything, really. We work with the latest equipment, materials, anesthetics, and procedures to make all your interventions comfortable and painless. We also offer our patients plenty of in-office comforts and amenities to make them feel at ease. We work fast and we value efficiency, so we don’t waste your personal / professional time. Also, the least time you spend in that chair, the least stressed you will feel. A major contribution to your comfort and anxiety alleviation is the friendly, positive, and warm atmosphere and attitude you will find here. We will treat you as a member of our family and we will do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to patient care.

In case you are interested in our dental services and our oral surgery Hollywood FL interventions, pay us a visit and let’s have a chat!