All You Need to Know about our Oral Cancer Screening Hollywood FL Services

Oral Cancer Screening Hollywood FLWhen it comes to the Big C, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of prevention and regular screening. Mouth / oral cancer is a very important issue to keep in mind, as its incidence increased in the young adults populations and impacts almost 50,000 people in the U.S. on a yearly basis. The good news is that if caught early, oral cancer has over 80% recovery and survival rates. In order to stay safe and enjoy impeccable health, here are some things you need to know about our oral cancer screening Hollywood FL services!

1. When Should You Get the Oral Cancer Screening?

Specialists in the field recommend you get the oral cancer screening every time you go to your dentist for your bi-annual check-up visit. This is a rather commonplace procedure performed with hi-tech equipment by expert clinicians, so you will get your results fast and with no stress.

2. What Are the Main Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

Unfortunately, many varieties of oral cancer are asymptomatic. You may have it and not know about it as it rarely comes together with pain or visible symptoms. However, any mouth sore, lesion, soreness, gum inflammation, tongue or neck lumps, ear aches and others should be put on the list and discussed with your doctor.

3. What are the Causes of Oral Cancer?

The usual suspects include smoking and drinking alcohol. In younger populations, there is also the issue of HPV that needs to be addressed. Prolonged sun exposure, deficient nutrition habits and other issues can all be factored in when it comes to getting a diagnosis.

4. What Does the Oral Cancer Screening Hollywood FL Services Involve?

Your doctor will first examine you taking into account at least 10 different areas spread to your face, eyes, mouth, neck, and throat. He will be looking for lesions, masses, abnormal pigmentation areas, lumps and inflammations, fissures, ulcers, and many more.

Once this examination is over, your doctor may also use a hi-tech special lamp to light up your mouth in order to spot the less visible mouth lesions or problems. These lamps are very efficient and can lead to a thorough diagnosis in a matter of minutes.

Depending on the results, your doctor may recommend a biopsy or another type of dental treatment to solve a particular problem (gum inflammations do have numerous causes that need differential diagnosis). You should know that we offer all dental services under one roof, so no matter what dental problems you have; you will be in good hands.