Efficient Oral Cancer Screening in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Oral Cancer Screening Fort Lauderdale FLAll diseases’ treatments have better chances of success when the symptoms are caught in their earliest stage, and oral cancer makes no exception. In fact, the latest statistics show that when it is caught in its incipient stage, oral cancer has over 80% rate of survival. There are several factors leading to oral cancer, just as there are plenty of methods to screen for such a disease. Today, our specialists of oral cancer screening in Fort Lauderdale Florida will tell you everything you need to know about our services and their efficiency.

Test Efficiency

Some specialists in the field say that not all types of lesions or small, incipient cancers are symptomatic, visible to the naked eye or easy to catch during a physical clinical examination. This is why our oral cancer screening in Fort Lauderdale Florida may include, depending on the situation, a three-stage process:

  • A personal history analysis to identify the patient’s exposure to the risk factors (including, but not limited to smoking, alcohol, HPV, prolonged sun exposure, and so on)
  • A clinical examination including 10 different areas spread to your face, eyes, lips, mouth, neck, and throat.
  • A clinical exam performed with a hi-tech screening lamp that uses certain lights to make visible lesions, masses, lacerations, abnormal pigmentations, and so on.

Time Efficiency

You won’t have to run around looking for several dental offices to perform bits of the screening. We offer all our services under one roof and you will be examined by experienced professionals with around 6 decades of combined clinical expertise. Our doctors follow continuous education programs and training sessions to be able to offer you the latest and most advanced screening methods. We also work with the best and newest equipment on the market – proven to have high rates of accuracy.

Speaking of time, we work very fast (and our equipment generates results in a very fast manner) so you won’t waste your personal or professional time. We also learned that the least time you spend in our chair, the least anxiety you will feel related to the procedure or the results.

Financial Efficiency

You don’t have to worry about the costs of the procedure. Our specialists of oral cancer screening in Fort Lauderdale Florida will actively and creatively work with you to make all your dental services affordable so you can enjoy impeccable dental health without worrying about your budget.

No matter what dental issue you experience, you are more than welcome to put us to the test and get outstanding dental treatments and oral cancer screenings!