Expert Oral Cancer Screening Davie FL Examinations

Oral Cancer Screening Davie FLOral cancer screening is a rather commonplace procedure meant to catch the early signs of a potential oral cancer. Your dentist can perform this examination each time you pay him a visit every six months for your regular dental check-up. The procedure is completely non-invasive and fast – and it can literally save your life. According to the latest findings, if you catch the symptoms at an early stage, the rates of survival are over 80%. Today, our oral cancer screening Davie FL specialists are here to offer you information about this very important service.

How Is the Oral Cancer Screening Davie FL Examination Performed?

Depending on the situation, the examination included two different stages:

  • A clinical examination performed by one of our oral cancer screening Davie FL experts: he will examine your face, eyes, mouth, throat and neck. Your doctor will also pay very close attention to peculiar lumps, masses, lacerations, lesions, spots, or pigmentations in at least 10 areas of interest.
  • A clinical examination performed with the help of a hi-tech device (lamp) that is able to illuminate the problematic symptoms which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye; this procedure is non-invasive and very fast, the new-gen lamps being able to spot even the most inconspicuous lesions in your mouth.

Should your doctor find some worrying signs and symptom, he will recommend you to get a biopsy. If you have nothing to worry about, your oral cancer screening Davie FL expert will recommend you a treatment to solve your dental issues that got you worried in the first place.

What Else Should You Know about Us?

Our oral cancer screening Davie FL services are just a part of a larger, integrated approach to dentistry. We offer all services under one roof, thus saving our patients time, money, and effort. No matter what dental problem you have, you are on good hands in our office as we work with inter-disciplinary teams. We work with highly rated professionals who have nearly 60 years of combined medical practice and who are permanently getting education and training.

We work with the latest equipment and materials, procedures and techniques to make all your dental services (including the oral cancer screening) painless, efficient, with great results, and completely safe.  Our efficiency will also reduce the stress you might feel while in our office. But rest assured the positive atmosphere you will find here will make you feel like a member of our family.