Myth Busting: Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Lauderdale FL

Typically, wisdom teeth – the third set of molars emerging in the back of your mouth – pop up in between 17 and 25 years. Nevertheless, plenty of 30+ adults confront the problem of these unwelcomed guests, needing oral surgery. Today, our experts in wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale FL are here to bust some myths about wisdom teeth and explain to you some things about the removal procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Emergence is Painful

ANSWER: Not necessarily.

Most of the times, wisdom teeth are impacted – stuck in your jawbone or gums, making the entire situation painful. Typically, wisdom teeth get out at the wrong angle, pressing against your other teeth and thus causing pain. If the tooth grow all the way in the back of your mouth and you cannot correctly reach it for brushing, it may develop cavities, and thus become painful as well.

However, many adults report that they did not even know they had their wisdom teeth pop up, as the process was painless and without any signs or symptoms.

Our experts in wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale FL warn you about the necessity of the procedure in the situation where the wisdom tooth hurts your dental health and overall quality of life.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fort Lauderdale FL is Painful

ANSWER: Not at all

As a type of oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal implies anesthesia. Sometimes local, sometimes in the shape of IV sedation or even general, anesthesia is mandatory. The only discomfort you will have to endure is the local injection you receive before the surgeon proceeds to the extraction of the crooked wisdom tooth.

The Healing Process takes forever

ANSWER: It can last for a couple of weeks

In some cases, people with low pain thresholds will feel the post-op jaw discomfort as an endless ordeal. If the surgery was long and complicated, the post-op recovery could last for days, or a couple of weeks (in the most severe of cases). Nevertheless, this is not the norm.

Typically, you will be out and about in a few days if you followed the doctor’s orders and respected the rules. They include:

  • Keep your head raised after the intervention and listen to your doctor about applying a cold compact on the swollen area;
  • Most likely, your dentist recommended you anti-inflammatory medication, painkillers, and perhaps anti-infection prevention pills. Take them as prescribed and do not treat yourself with the Internet or over-the-counter medication “you know it works best.”
  • If your specialist in wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale FL recommended you to apply gauze pads in your mouth to soak up some of the blood in the surgical area, follow the advice.
  • Get copious rest after the treatment; a couple of days off will do wonders for the healing process;
  • Stock up for soft, liquid foods, and don’t pretend to be a superhero; chewing will not be an option for a few days, so make sure you have warm soups, vegetable purees, smoothies, and sauces in the house. You should avoid aggravating the treated area or encouraging an infection. Therefore, soft foods will be your trusted companions during this journey.
  • NEVER eat or drink from a straw during the healing process;
  • DON’T SMOKE for a few days after the surgery;
  • Avoid brushing your teeth post-op for a couple of days; it is dreadful, but even rinsing and spitting can be a no-no in the first 48-72 hours after the wisdom teeth removal.

Our specialists in wisdom teeth removal in Fort Lauderdale FL recommend patients to come for an initial assessment of the situation. While the procedure is far less complicated and excruciating than its reputation, you should take it seriously. X-rays, a full dental checkup, and medical history will put both you and your dentist on the same page in respect to the best treatments you require.