Mail Order Smile

I’m really excited, I just finally got my Perfect Veneers, my Perfect Smile Veneers in the mail. And we’re gonna open it and give it a try.

The goal here is to see if these do-it-yourself smile makeovers are worthy of changing a smile, and we will see if that’s true. Okay.

Congratulations on your purchase of Perfect Smile Veneers. Custom-fit Perfect Smile Veneers in three easy steps, one size fits all. This is good. This is good stuff. Look and feel of natural teeth in minutes. So it’s only gonna take me a couple minutes to have a transformation of my smile. I can’t wait to see what they provide. Let’s see, okay.

So I have a hot bowl and a cold bowl. So I’m just gonna … And I’ve got containers. Look, they come with containers to put your top and bottom veneers in, which is really nice and convenient. So it looks like we put this in the hot bowl first. And it’s going to … You can show them here. The white part is gonna turn clear, if you can go inside the bowl. And it’s gonna take a little bit of time, I need something to grab …

We’re back again. I didn’t wanna bore you guys with the two minutes that it takes for this to – Oh yeah, it’s changed.

… go from turning … It’ll go from white on the back here to clear. So you’ll see that this here is clear on the back side. And we’re just gonna wanna retrieve it, it’s super hot, so be careful. And you wanna wait about 10-15 seconds for it to cool down, ’cause you don’t wanna burn gums or the mouth in any way, the lips even.

And so you just wanna push down firmly against your teeth for the perfect custom-fit. Okay? I don’t really try to … Can’t really.

It’s not easy. It’s really not that easy, but you just press firmly, and it’ll work just like you want it.

Your perfect custom smile. How do I look? Is it worthy? Is it good? This is great. Now, I can tell it’s … perfect.