Long-Lasting Lumineers Davie FL Applications

Lumineers Davie FLWouldn’t it be amazing to gain a completely new smile in just two visits to your dentist? Wouldn’t you call it a miracle to have your teeth perfectly restored as in straight, even, reshaped, resized, white, naturally colored, and lasting you for 20 years without interventions? What you might call a miracle, certified dentists call Lumineers – an advanced, no-prep type of veneers that is a game changer in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. But let’s see what our Lumineers Davie FL experts have to say about this!

Lumineers Davie FL Applications’ Advantages

Lumineers represent a special type of veneers having the unique advantage of being half the thickness of regular veneers. Made by certified, trademarked, and experienced laboratories, Lumineers generate dramatic results: in just two visits, your smile will get spectacularly bright and white, straight, even, strong, and looking all natural. Lumineers also strengthen your teeth without disrupting their structure or functions. Since they are so thin, they don’t require previous tooth grinding or trimming. Since tooth reduction is not necessary, the procedure itself is painless and non invasive. Lumineers also save you plenty of time, as the entire procedure can be completed in just two visits.

How Successful Are the Lumineers Davie FL Applications?

Our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined clinical expertise and they follow continuous education and training in the newest and most advanced materials, equipment, and techniques. Lumineers are made in certified and licensed laboratories and their success depends on two factors:

  • The skills of the laboratory making them
  • The skills of your dentist to fine-tune and apply them onto your teeth.

Besides having the experience and the necessary training, our doctors can show you plenty of success cases of impeccable Lumineers applications.

The success of Lumineers is translated into their resilience in time. Just like veneers, Lumineers don’t get stained, spotted, cracked, or discolored easily. However, you should still care for your teeth by engaging in a healthy oral health care routine that includes brushing, flossing and paying your doctor a visit twice a year. With the proper care, your Lumineers can last you for more than 20 years, according to the latest clinical studies. Getting our Lumineers Davie FL services you can rest assured you will enjoy your brand new smile for decades.

In case you are concerned about financing this procedure, don’t be! We work actively and creatively together with you to make all our interventions affordable so you can enjoy our Lumineers Davie FL services and no financial burden whatsoever!