Let’s Discuss Safe Wisdom Teeth Removal Hollywood FL Interventions

Many people know that wisdom teeth usually emerge with a whole set of problems and unpleasant side effects. While very few have the privilege of having their wisdom teeth grow without any troubles, the vast majority experience pain, swelling, infections, and other issues that require immediate dental attention.

While you can go through life without even remembering that you have some molars ready to emerge, other people have the misfortune of having more than one (or all four) third molars erupt. In order to be prepared for everything and know exactly what to do, here are some things about wisdom teeth that our wisdom teeth removal Hollywood FL specialists want to share with you.

The Negative Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Wisdom Teeth Removal Hollywood FLOne of the biggest problems with wisdom teeth is that they usually emerge impacted, angled or downright in a horizontal position. They can push against your other teeth, your jaw bone or worse, your sinuses (the upper wisdom teeth). Because they don’t have enough room to develop correctly, they can cause a lot of pain at the eruption site, accompanied by gum inflammation or bleeding. The pain can radiate to your jaw bone, other teeth, or ears.

Wisdom teeth are also problematic as they usually develop already decayed, fractured, or cracked. If that is the case, your wisdom teeth removal Hollywood FL specialist will first analyze an X-ray to see the severity of the impaction. The extraction is safe: with the use of modern anesthetics you won’t feel anything but relief that you got rid of the problem.

If the situation is more serious (an infection occurred and it presents the risk of spreading to your blood stream), your doctor will first put you on an antibiotics treatment before extracting the troubling tooth.

3 Things You Should Know about our Wisdom Teeth Removal Hollywood FL Services

  1. We are a team of professionals having around 60 years of combined practice and experience. We never stop learning and we follow continuous education. Moreover, we use the latest equipment, materials, and procedures to eliminate all risks of side effects and offer you a stress-free treatment experience.
  2. We offer all dental services under one roof, so you don’t have to see several doctors in order to get one treatment completed. We will make sure to treat all your dental issues in a professional manner, with the added benefit that we also work fast and efficiently.
  3. No matter how stressed you are by the procedure or how much pain you experience, you will feel at ease in our office as we treat all our patients as family members.