Let’s Discuss Our State-of-the-Art Braces from Invisalign in Davie FL

Teeth misalignment problems are usually a drag, especially for adults. Reaching a certain age you understand soon enough that a bright-white, symmetric, aligned and straight smile can get you anywhere in terms of social encounters and professional success. But you may feel discouraged by the bad reputation of braces in general: they feature metal prongs and wires, they are uncomfortable, they need weekly visits to the doctor for tweaks and upgrades, and they make you look the high school student who never gets a date for prom. Here is the point where we come in and talk about our Invisalign Davie FL services and applications.

Hi-Tech Invisalign Davie FL Services

Invisalign Davie FLInvisalign represents a type of dental aligners used to solve mild issues concerning overbite, underbite, and crossbite, spaced or crowded teeth. Your Invisalign Davie FL specialist will recommend you Invisalign or one of the many other types of braces available based on a thorough diagnosis. Not all teeth alignment issues can be solved with Invisalign, but if yours do, then you are in luck. Here is what you need to know about our Invisalign Davie FL services:

  • We work only with licensed Invisalign Davie FL doctors and with certified laboratories.
  • We offer all services under the same roof, so you don’t have to walk between dental offices to get only one problem solved.
  • We make sure you get not only the best Invisalign braces, but also the post-application care and Invisalign maintenance.
  • We have nearly 60 years of combined practice and we are a standard of good practices in our community
  • All our patients praise us for our impeccable patient care and the anxiety-free atmosphere they find in our office.

This is what you should know about Invisalign braces in general:

  • They are made of a very thin, smooth, comfortable, flexible, and resistant plastic.
  • They are invisible and they won’t interfere with your social or professional life.
  • They are removable when needed.
  • They are easy to care for with simple dental care routines followed daily.
  • They do their job slower than traditional braces since they don’t feature prongs, wires, and screws needing tweaks and upgrades.

How Do Invisalign Davie FL Braces Work?

After you get your thorough evaluation and course of treatment, your doctor will take a mold of your teeth and send it to the specialized laboratory. You will be then called again once the braces are done to have them applied over your teeth. Your doctor will make sure your new dental aligners fit perfectly and don’t interfere with your quality of life.