Let’s Discuss Our Professional Oral Cancer Screening Services in Aventura FL

Oral cancer affects around 45,000 of people each year in the United States. Plenty of professional associations recommend dentists to perform a routine oral cancer screening for each patient. This examination includes the face, the mouth and the neck and it extremely important for early diagnosis (one of the primary factors responsible for successful treatment). If you want to learn more about our oral cancer screening Aventura FL services, here is what our specialists have to say about it.

When Should You Ask for our Oral Cancer Screening Aventura FL Services?

Oral cancer may be asymptomatic in many cases – meaning you will hardly feel it or see it. However, there are some signs and symptoms you should be concerned about you should develop them:

  • Persistent mouth sore
  • Lumps on your tongue
  • Pain in the mouth or ear
  • Persistent and peculiar sore throat
  • Chronic hoarseness
  • Painful or abnormal swallowing
  • Pain at the gums’ levels
  • Non-tender lump in neck

If one or more such symptoms bother you, you can ask your dentist to perform oral cancer screening. You can benefit from such an examination when you regularly go to your dentist twice a year, as it is far way better to prevent than to cure.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Oral Cancer Screening Aventura FL Services?

Oral Cancer Screening Aventura FLOur team has nearly 60 years of combined clinical practice and we undergo continuous education and training in the field. We work only with the latest equipment and materials to offer you a performing service. Besides the local thorough examination we offer (including your face, eyes, mouth, and neck), we also use hi-tech equipment to identify cancerous lesions and oral cancer symptoms in minutes.

Moreover, we offer all our services under one roof. You won’t have to run in between dental offices to get an evaluation, a treatment, or complementary dental services. Once you arrive here, you will be assigned to one of our specialists who will not only perform the oral cancer screening test, but also recommend you other dental treatments to boost your dental health and the beauty of your smile.

You will enjoy the warm, friendly, professional, and positive atmosphere and attitude in our office, tailored to answer all your dental needs and exceed your expectations regarding your image of an ideal dental treatment. Our oral cancer screening Aventura FL services are affordable, fast, and efficient. Just pay us a visit and let us take care of your health!