Learn About Our Non-Invasive Treatments for Oral Surgery in Pembroke Pines FL

Not all types of surgeries involve operating rooms, hospital beds, pain, recovery days, and post-op medical treatments. Oral surgery can be performed in a dental office by an expert and trained surgeon as a part of a more complex dental treatment. If you are the type that feels stressed about any dental intervention at all – and even more so about the idea of oral surgery – our oral surgery Pembroke Pines FL specialists are here to explain to you how things truly are.

Oral Surgery in Pembroke Pines FLOral Surgery Is a Commonplace Procedure Completing Other Interventions

You may not know or realize this, but oral surgery is a cog and wheel of a larger mechanism – in this case of a more complex dental intervention. Actually, many dental treatments are considered oral surgery:

  • Wisdom teeth removal, especially when the wisdom tooth is impacted, angled, fused to the jaw bone, pushing against the sinuses (the upper ones) and so on; however, nobody fears wisdom teeth removals, as they are performed using new and safe anesthetics, while the extraction and local treatment are performed by experts in their field.
  • Dental implants: fixing and fusing the dental implant to the jaw bone is indeed a surgical procedure which is, as we said many times, completely safe and comfortable;
  • Oral cancer screening: the surgical component of the oral cancer screening procedure takes the shape of the biopsy or of the lesion treatment and healing; such oral surgery Pembroke Pines FL interventions are completely painless.
  • Teeth extractions: you may need a tooth extracted for various reasons (decay beyond repair, crowded teeth obstructing the perfect functionality of dentures or braces, impacted teeth etc) and none of such dental interventions are painful.

Expert Oral Surgery Pembroke Pines FL Services

The success of a dental procedure depends a lot on the skills of your doctor and the equipment and materials he chooses. We are proud to work with specialists having nearly 60 years of combined clinical practice and who receive continuous education and training in the field, including general surgery, anesthetics, plastic surgery, and more. Our doctors use the latest and the best equipment, materials, and techniques to offer our patients comfortable experiences and painless treatments. Moreover, our in-office comforts and amenities, the warm and positive atmosphere, the efficiency of all our procedures are all meant to offer our patients a non-invasive, anxiety-free experience. Even after a more complex procedure our oral surgery Pembroke Pines FL specialists will teach you how to cope with post-intervention discomfort and promote healing.