Perfect Invisalign Boca Raton FL Services

Invisalign Boca Raton FLA crooked or misaligned smile can severely interfere with our quality of life. After all, a white, bright, well-shaped smile is always the best business card you can show in personal, social, and professional environments. But what happens if you have some teeth alignment issues? Then you come to our certified Invisalign Boca Raton FL office and have one of our specialists examine you.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces: What’s the Difference?

We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign applications. The former features wires, prongs, and screws and are meant to solve some difficult teeth misalignment and straightening problems. Invisalign, on the other hand, represent dental aligners made of a smooth, comfortable, and invisible plastic. Such braces are applied by your certified Invisalign doctor over your teeth. The braces then move your teeth slowly, putting them into the desired position. Invisalign braces solve issues such as crowded or spaced teeth, overbite, underbite and crossbite. Our Invisalign Boca Raton FL services are performed starting from a thorough diagnosis of your dental misalignment problems. The braces are created in a licensed Invisalign laboratory and tuned by your doctor to perfectly fit over your teeth.

  • One of the major advantages of our Invisalign Boca Raton FL braces is that they are easy to wear, don’t need special upgrades or tweaking, and limit the frequency of your visits to our office to 4-6 weeks.

Just like traditional braces, Invisalign ones are removable and easy to maintain by following a simple daily dental care routine.

Why Should You Ask for Our Invisalign Boca Raton FL Services?

First and foremost, we are certified Invisalign providers working only with licensed specialists and laboratories. You will get Invisalign braces only after a thorough diagnosis and a firm recommended course of treatment.

  • We will show you before / after photos of people achieving results with Invisalign braces so you know what to expect (Invisalign braces work slower than traditional braces so you need to set your expectations correctly).
  • You will receive all our dental services under one roof: initial diagnosis, Invisalign mold, Invisalign application (once the braces come back from the laboratory); this saves you time, money, and effort, allowing you to receive the best patient care possible from one doctor dedicated entirely to your oral health.
  • You will soon feel like a member of our family, as we treat patients in a friendly, careful, and respectful manner – one of the building blocks of our work ethics and philosophy.

You don’t need to blindly believe in us. Make an appointment, get your diagnosis for Invisalign Boca Raton FL services and enjoy long-term, successful dental care!