Efficient Procedures for Oral Surgery in Plantation FL

Oral surgery is necessary to solve plenty of dental problems we already cover in our office. While some consider oral surgery to be a completely different type of dental intervention, in fact, it is integrated with other procedures. It is true that oral surgeons (like all surgeons) receive specialized education and training, they are an essential part of our team and their contribution is essential in treating many issues concerning dental, mouth, jaw, or face problems. If you are still wondering about our efficient oral surgery Plantation FL procedures, here are some things you need to know about our practice.

All Our Dental Procedures Are Performed under One Roof

You may need one or more of the following dental interventions:

  • Teeth extractions: including but not limited to wisdom teeth removal, impacted cuspids or bicuspids, crowded teeth, decayed teeth that are beyond repair etc.
  • Dental implants: the fixation and fusion of the dental implant to the jaw bone
  • Braces or dentures
  • Oral cancer screening (mouth lesions removal and treatment or tissue biopsies)
  • Jaw bone grafting or treatment: a necessary intervention to make dental implants or dentures implementations efficient and successful

Oral Surgery Plantation FLWhat you should know is that all these interventions require at some point along the process the presence and skills of an oral surgeon. By offering all services under one roof we make sure you receive a comprehensive, personalized, and integrated treatment performed by a team of experts who are familiar with your case. Also, this integrative model helps you save plenty of time and money as you don’t have to run around looking for several experts who can deal with specific parts of the problem.

All Our Oral Surgery Plantation FL Services Are Time and Money Efficient

We work only with expert professionals who follow continuous training and education in oral surgery and related fields. From the first meeting for diagnosis until the last follow-up post-intervention visit, you will receive the best and most competent care with no guesses, no trials and errors, and no mistakes.  With nearly 60 years of combined clinical expertise, our doctors work fast, efficiently, and professionally, using the latest equipment, materials, procedures, and techniques.

We believe in technology, so our equipment is hi-tech and reliable. You won’t have to spend more time than necessary having a tooth removed or an oral cancer screening done.

As money is involved, we make sure we actively work with you to make all your oral surgery Plantation FL interventions affordable and completely stress-free.