Effective Root Canals in Pembroke Pines FL

One of the most important and delicate problems with our teeth is that they can’t heal themselves. Once a tooth is affected by an inflammation or infection, it’s up to the professional practitioner to solve the problem and restore your smile and dental health. A second major problem with our teeth is that when they become vulnerable or downright damaged, they generate excruciating pain that can last for days and severely interfere with our lives. Again, if you reached this point, you need to seek immediate attention, as anti-inflammatory medication may not solve the problem.

When it comes to root canals Pembroke Pines FL interventions, they are designed to solve both these problems: alleviate the pain and remove the threat of an infection able to spread from the tooth to your bloodstream. But let’s see what root canals are all about and how they can preserve your dental and general health.

Root Canals and Infection Spreading

Root Canals Pembroke Pines FLA patient needs a root canal when the soft tissue inside the tooth’s root gets so swollen or infected it becomes necrotic. If a tooth ache in the presence of hot or cold stimuli doesn’t worry you, it should. This “sensitivity” can escalate to the pulp’s necrosis, the formation of an abscess, the elevation of the infected tooth and the spread of the infection to the blood stream with dire consequences. The answer to such an issue is root canals Pembroke Pines FL treatments. Basically, the intervention represents the removal of the infected pulp, the cleaning and sealing of the root canal with a filling or a crown, and the post-intervention treatment to promote healing and prevent further spreading of the infection.

Why Should You Choose Our Root Canals Pembroke Pines FL Treatments?

The effectiveness of our root canals Pembroke Pines FL treatments lays within a few features our office and our doctors make proof of:

  • Highly skilled, professional, and successful treatments: our doctors have nearly 60 years of experience in the field and they receive continuous education and training in endodontics and related fields of expertise.
  • We are all about the patients’ comfort: we offer all procedures under one roof, to make the whole treatment easy and fast; we also work fast and efficiently to save you time by employing the latest and safest anesthetics, materials, equipment, and techniques; financial efficiency is one of our interests as well and we will creatively work with you to find the best financial solutions for your treatment.
  • We are constantly praised by our patients for our impeccable patient care methodology and the warm, positive atmosphere you will find in our office.