Do You Need our Dentures Aventura FL Services?

Dentures Aventura FLDentures are dental appliances that can behave as either a full or partial set of teeth and are recommended when you have a missing teeth problem. There is a common misconception that the only type of denture available is the one resting on your gums and needs to be fixed in place with dental adhesive. However, the technology of dentures advanced tremendously and now you have more access to modern, comfortable and good-looking dentures than ever! If you have one or more missing teeth and you want to get the problem solved, this is what you need to learn from our dentures Aventura FL specialists!

How Many Types of Dentures are there?

In short, there are two main types of dentures: complete (full) dentures – used when all your teeth are missing – and partial dentures – when you still have some of your natural teeth. In case you want to learn more on the subject, our dentures Aventura FL specialists can tell you that complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate”, while partial dentures can be fixed as dental bridges or as dental implants. The ultimate decision in what dentures you should receive belongs to your doctor.

Why do you need our Dentures Aventura FL Services?

The first thing you should know is that no doctor of ours will recommend you dentures if you don’t need them. Your designated specialist will assess the situation and make recommendations. Two missing teeth can be solved with bridges or implants, while six missing teeth in a row can require more complex dentures.

After the evaluation and the agreed course of treatment, our dentures Aventura FL specialist will make sure you receive the best treatment possible in our office: teeth extractions, teeth treatments, dental implants, oral surgery, denture fixing etc. The good news is that we offer all services under one roof: you won’t have to run in between dental offices to get parts of the job done.

Moreover, our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined dental expertise and they continue their education and training. We use the latest and best biocompatible materials, equipment, and procedures to restore your smile and your oral function without any stress.

The entire process of getting dentures is perceived as invasive, but we use modern and safe anesthetics, we offer in-office comforts and amenities to make you feel at ease and we actively work with you to make all your dentures Aventura FL interventions affordable.