Hi-Tech Dental Implants Davie FL Interventions

Dental implants have become incredibly popular in the last years. All over the world they are considered state-of-the-art interventions meant to permanently restore your smile and dental health. Implants do require surgery, but their end-results are permanent. Some people fear implant rejection, being uncertain of the implants’ success. In case you are considering this dental procedure, our dental implants Davie FL specialists are here to put your mind at ease.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Dental implants are today the best answer to a missing tooth or an entire arch of missing teeth. There are some age restrictions to dental implants (children and preteens are not quite eligible for the implants as their jaw bone continues to grow and develop),  but other than that, dental implants represent the only solution to missing teeth that doesn’t disrupt your existing teeth (on the contrary) and doesn’t interfere with your facial structure.

What Are Implants Exactly?

A dental implant consists of three main parts:

  • The implant, a titanium “tooth root” that fuses with the bone turning into a strong, permanent tooth root;
  • The abutment, a part that connects the implant with the crown; it is usually made of titanium, gold, or porcelain, and looks like a tooth prepped for a tooth crown.
  • The crown, the actual visible part of your new tooth, made of porcelain or a blend of metal alloy and porcelain; this restoration looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth.

What Should I Know about your Dental Implants Davie FL Procedures?

Dental Implants Davie FLFirst, your designated implantologists will first conduct an assessment and recommend you the best course of treatment. In case the best option for you is a dental implant, your doctor will take you through the procedure, explaining to you what to expect. When it comes to our dental implants Davie FL services you should know the following:

  • Our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined medical practice and they are permanently getting educated and trained in the latest dental implants procedures, equipment, biocompatible materials, and techniques.
  • We strive to turn into a reality your ideal of treatment; this is why you will enjoy our in-office comforts, the impeccable patient care methodology, the warm and positive atmosphere in our office, and our staff’s genuine concern for your well-being.
  • We offer all dental services under one roof so you will save time, effort, and money
  • We will actively work with you to tailor a financial plan so you can enjoy your implants with no financial stress.