Stress-Free Braces in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Braces Fort Lauderdale FLWhen it comes to the idea of wearing braces, many people take a step back, imagining that braces will negatively impact their life from many points of view. After all, no adult feels comfortable of having a social or professional encounter and showing a smile covered in metal wires, prongs, and screws. But the stress of wearing braces shouldn’t be taken that seriously, especially if you choose one of our braces Fort Lauderdale FL specialists. Let’s see what our experts can do for you!

How We Make Braces in Fort Lauderdale Florida Stress-Free

Sometimes it happens that a person gets a diagnosis from one dentist, has the braces installed by another one and then finds a third one for follow-up and braces’ regular tuning. Now this won’t happen in our office. The second you step foot in our office, you will enjoy an A-to-Z approach to your dental care: we will assign you a Fort Lauderdale Florida braces specialist for your initial diagnosis and course of treatment. He will assess the situation and recommend you a certain type of braces to address your dental problems (misalignments, crowded / spaced teeth, bite issues, impacted / angled teeth and so on).

He then will take the mold of your teeth and when the braces come back from the lab he will polish and fine-tune them so you feel perfectly comfortable with them.

The stress-free part of this entire process is sustained by the following factors:

  • All our specialists are trained professionals combining nearly 60 years of clinical expertise; they all follow continuous education programs and they are all licensed and certified in the latest techniques, procedures, and use of bio materials.
  • We use the latest types of braces to meet your needs and exceed your expectations: metal, ceramic, plastic, sapphire, etc. They are almost invisible, comfortable, and easy to maintain so you won’t have to deal with any troubles as you live a fulfilling life.
  • All the necessary tunings and refining of your braces will be done in our office so you won’t have to juggle with multiple appointments or dental offices.
  • The atmosphere in our office is warm and friendly and our patients praise us for our manners and approach to patient care; no matter what anxiety you feel towards dental treatments or braces in general, you will soon forget about them.
  • If money represents a stress factor, forget about them as well: we work actively and creatively with our patients to make all Fort Lauderdale Florida braces a breeze from a financial point of view, as we will work together to come up with a budget plan that won’t put pressure on you.