Are You Looking for the Best Veneers Pembroke Pines FL has to Offer?

Cosmetic dentistry has reached new development peaks with veneers – thin shells of porcelain able to cover, mask and fix a myriad of dental flaws and defects. If you are the kind of self-aware person who knows a smile can instantly open doors and hearts, you should get interested in veneers. Their major advantage is that they are suitable for either major or minor dental defects and they are long-lasting. If there are a few issues about your smile you are not happy with, let’s take a look at what our veneers Pembroke Pines FL specialists have to say about them.

Cosmetic Veneers Pembroke Pines FL Interventions

Before learning whether you should get veneers or not, one of our specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your dental status and health. As cosmetic interventions, veneers are recommended in the following cases:

  • Your teeth are discolored due to root canal treatment, excessive fluoride or other causes
  • Your teeth are stained from tetracycline or other drugs, smoking, etc.
  • You have older fillings that are discolored
  • Your teeth re misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped (with bulges or craters on their surface)
  • Your teeth present cracks or spots on their surface.

Veneers Pembroke Pines FLIf you experience one or more of these symptoms, your doctor will recommend you our top-grade porcelain veneers Pembroke Pines FL applications. He then will take a mold of your teeth and send it to a certified laboratory. Once the veneers come back, your doctor will fine-tune them to make them feel comfortable and bond them over your teeth.

The entire veneers procedure doesn’t take more than 2-3 visits. The application itself is not invasive: local anesthetic and teeth trimming (to keep the tooth’s natural thickness once the veneer is bonded over) is pretty much the entire preparation process.

The Cosmetic Advantages of Veneers

They will completely restore your teeth and offer you a bright, white, and picture-perfect smile. Veneers mimic the tooth’s color and enamel shine and are resilient enough to need simple daily oral maintenance. Your brand new smile will charm everybody for more than a decade, as veneers are also resilient to wear and tear.

Choosing our Veneers Pembroke Pines FL Services: 3 Main Reasons

  • We work with expert veneers Pembroke Pines FL specialists who get continuous education and training in veneers services, top-notch materials, and advanced techniques.
  • We offer all dental services under one roof and you are more than welcome to have all your cosmetic dentistry services in our office.
  • We actively work to design a comfortable financial plan for you to enjoy your veneers Pembroke Pines FL services with no money-related stress.