Learn about Our Procedures for Root Canals in Weston FL

They say that no pain compares with a severe tooth ache disrupting your entire life and daily activities. In truth, a serious case of irreversible pulpitis (inflamed or infected tooth pulp) can lead not only to excruciating, radiating pain, but also to serious health damages. Today, our root canals Weston FL specialists will tell you everything you need to know about root canals and the above-standard treatments they perform in our office.

The Mechanism of Irreversible Pulpitis

Root Canals Weston FLYour tooth holds inside its root canal a soft tissue called pulp. If you have caries that penetrate the enamel and progress deep inside the dentin, your pulp will react with pain and inflammation whenever you expose the tooth to cold or hot stimuli. If the pulpitis is in its mild form and you get a filling, the pulp can be saved. If left untreated, the inflamed pulp can get infected and necrotic, leading to abscesses or toot elevation. Pulp problems translate into sudden bursts of pain lasting prolonged periods of time.

The problem with this infected tissue is that it can lead to more severe infections spreading to your blood stream. Since your teeth cannot heal by themselves, they need professional attention from a doctor. Once the doctor diagnosed the irreversible pulpitis, he will proceed to remove the necrotic tissue to restore your dental health and prevent other health issues from occurring.

The Mechanism of the Root Canal Treatment

With the help of an X-ray, your doctor will assess the situation and recommend you a course of treatment. Usually, our root canals Weston FL interventions don’t take more than two sessions one week apart. The first session is dedicated to the cleaning of the root canal and removal of the necrotic tissue. Your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics to promote healing and prevent any side-effects of the infection. The second session is dedicated to the filling of the tooth or the placement of a crown to restore your tooth’s size, shape, and function. The pain will be long gone and you will feel relieved to have your dental health back.

The Advantages of Getting our Root Canals Weston FL Treatments

  • We have nearly 60 years of ongoing clinical expertise
  • We follow continuous education and training in endodontics to offer you hi-tech, fast, efficient, and safe interventions using the latest equipment and biocompatible materials.
  • We work actively with you to make all your dental treatments affordable
  • We offer all dental services under one roof to save you time, money, and effort
  • We offer a comfortable environment and a warm, positive atmosphere to alleviate all stress related to dental treatments.