5 Things to Know You before Getting Braces in Fort Lauderdale FL

Braces have been around for nearly 300 years and saw their spike in popularity in the sixties when NASA stepped in with its metal alloy – the nickel-titanium – that offered the braces technology a giant leap. We know many things about braces, but veteran wearers tend to forget a few things. Today, our experts in orthodontics are here to share with you some truths and secrets if you want to get braces in Fort Lauderdale FL.

1. They Should Not Hurt

While you will feel some discomfort during their application and a few days after you got them, your braces should not hurt. If they do, ask our experts in braces in Fort Lauderdale for their help and make sure you get an appointment. You may experience sharp, stabbing pain from a loose wire or a lot of pressure against your mandible. In either case, visit your doctor to fix things.

2. Food Gathers in your Braces

There is no way we can sugarcoat this problem: food gets stuck in your braces no matter how careful you are. While you will eventually develop your system of getting the food out without damaging the wires or the brackets, you have to follow the doctor’s orders regarding the allowed and forbidden foods you can consume. Brushing and flossing are your best allies against possible cavities caused by food deposits, sugar, and acids.

3. Your Experts in Braces in Fort Lauderdale FL give the Treatment You Need

Many people consider that braces are the same for everybody, but they are not. Getting a treatment with Invisalign in Fort Lauderdale FL is also possible if you have minor dental problems to correct. Moreover, after the initial evaluation, your orthodontist may suggest mini-braces or porcelain braces if your dental issues require moderate interventions and you want less visible brackets.

Keep in mind, however, that Invisalign works for some people, while regular metal braces are the only and best option for other people. Your doctor will decide during your consults. Never worry about having to endure the “metal mouth” burden for years.

Times flies, and before you know it, you will have a gorgeous smile, a correct bite, and no more breathing, speaking, chewing, or swallowing issues. If you get your braces in Fort Lauderdale FL, our team of specialists will recommend the best solution for you.

4. There is some Re-learning to Do

Change is inevitable when you get braces for the first time. You may get a lisp for a while, and you will have to change the way you play a musical instrument (the saxophone for example) with braces in your mouth. You will also have to readjust the way you speak and laugh, but keep on talking and smiling, because there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Your braces are a considerable step to take towards your health and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

5. The Efforts worth Every Cent and Every Second

You may have to wear braces for a couple of years, and they are not cheap. However, the smile you will get at the end of this quest trumps your emotional and financial investments. Come to our experts in braces in Fort Lauderdale FL for evaluation and talk to your orthodontist about your options. It is never too late to get a picture-perfect smile and fantastic dental health no matter what age you are!