5 Questions Answered About Our Services for Dentures in Plantation FL

When you have more than one missing tooth, the next logical step is to research dentures and their benefits. These dental devices are designed and implemented to restore your smile and give you back your normal oral functions. Getting your missing teeth replaces spares you of many health complications, so it’s better to get informed as soon as possible. Today, our dentures Plantation FL specialists are here to answer you some frequently asked questions.

1. How Long Does It Take to Get Dentures?

Dentures Plantation FLThe dentures Plantation FL implementation process can take several weeks, depending on the situation. The treatment may last longer if you need to have some teeth extracted and your gums left to heal. A simpler procedure involves 4-5 appointments until the final dentures are fitted perfectly in your mouth and takes the full role of your natural teeth.

2. Will My Dentures Look Fake?

This is an older problem that patients confront with. Our dentures Plantation FL doctors work only with biocompatible materials, trademarked surfaces, and the latest equipment and techniques. We also collaborate only with certified and licensed laboratories to make your dentures look, feel, and work just like your natural teeth. Dentures are tested for color and shape so they can perfectly mimic your other natural teeth.

3. Will I Have to Get Different Services in Different Places?

This issue occurs when dental offices don’t offer the full range of dental services under one roof. Patients have to walk among several specialists to get their teeth extracted, the mold taken, the implant performed, and so on. We offer a full range of dentistry services in our office to save you time and money. Moreover, our team of doctors collaborates and guarantees you a smooth intervention in an efficient manner.

4. How Long Will It Take Me to Adjust to My New Dentures?

Your mouth needs some time to adjust, but you should be fine in a few weeks. You should be a little careful how you eat in the first days after the dentures were fixed in place and make sure you follow your daily oral care routine as it was recommended to you by your doctor. In case you feel the dentures a little odd or loose, you can visit your doctor if such problems persist more than 2-3 weeks.

5. Are Dentures Affordable?

Our dentures Plantation FL specialists will closely work with you to make all services affordable so you can enjoy a brand new smile without any financial stress.