4 Things You Need to Know about Our Treatments for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Weston FL

An emerging wisdom tooth can be, most of the times, a powerful reason to visit your dentist. Some people in their teenage years go through this experience without many troubles, but after the age of 25, a wisdom tooth emergence can lead to some severe dental and general health issues. Many people ask us plenty of questions regarding this specific dental issue, so our wisdom teeth removal Weston FL specialists are here today to explain some things to you.

1. When Should I See a Doctor for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Weston FLVery seldom wisdom teeth emerge silently. The development usually comes together with gum inflammations or bleeding, localized pain, jaw bone aches, ear aches, head aches, sometimes sinus problems (in the case of the upper molars). Usually, wisdom teeth usually emerge already decayed, angled, impacted, cracked, or fractured. In case you feel pain, swelling or even cold symptoms (announcing an infection), you should immediately see your doctor.

2. Who Can Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Depending on the gravity of the situation, your wisdom tooth can be removed by your dentist or a specialized oral surgeon. Our doctors have nearly 60 years of combined experience and undergo continuous education and training so they can use the latest and most modern equipment, materials, and techniques. We also offer all dental services under one roof: you will receive a thorough diagnosis and even a pre-removal antibiotics treatment (if the wisdom tooth generated an infection), together with surgical procedures, post-intervention treatment and follow-up, and so on. This integrated treatment performed by a team of professionals guarantees that you will receive personalized services that adapt to your particular needs.

3. Is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Weston FL Service Uncomfortable?

All our services are offered in an anxiety-free environment. You will love the warm atmosphere here, the impeccable patient care, the friendly and positive attitude of our staff and the comforts and amenities we offer. We work fast and efficiently to make your entire experience comfortable. Moreover, we use the latest anesthetics and the most advanced procedures so you don’t experience any pain. Depending on your situation, our doctors will schedule you for follow up and teach you techniques that promote healing after the intervention.

4. Is the Wisdom Teeth Removal Weston FL Treatment Affordable?

We will do everything in our power to creatively and actively work with you to make all your procedures for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Weston FL affordable. We want to contribute to your quality of life and dental health, so you will enjoy professional treatment without being concerned about financial burdens.