4 Things to Know about Our Treatments of Dental Bridges in Aventura FL

There are several ways for a person to solve a missing teeth problem and one such time-tested and successful procedure is represented by dental bridges. This treatment is affordable and low-risk, being the most popular solution to restore a smile when one to three consecutive teeth are missing. Today, our dental bridges Aventura FL specialists are here to tell you a few things you need to know about our services.

Dental Crowns and Bridges Aventura FL1. Dental Bridges Eligibility

Virtually anyone who is missing one to three consecutive teeth is eligible for a dental bridge. However, the dental bridges Aventura FL expert you will be assigned to will first conduct a thorough evaluation. In case there are some untreated gum diseases, he will solve that problem before anything else. If you consider choosing our dental bridges Aventura FL services you should also know we offer all dental services under one roof. This means we will take care of your dental problem A to Z, saving you time, money, and effort.

2. Dental Bridges Process

Dental bridges can be completed in two sessions, usually (in case you don’t need prior gums or teeth treatments). Your doctor prepares your abutment teeth (the ones placed on each side of the missing tooth gap) so they can support the crowns and orders the bridge to a specialized laboratory. The second session consists in fitting your crowns and bridge and the placement of the bridge. You should know that our dental bridges Aventura FL experts use the latest materials, equipment, and procedures to offer you fast and efficient treatments with long-lasting results. We also collaborate only with certified laboratories and licensed technicians.

3. Dental Bridges Longevity

If executed and cemented correctly, your dental bridges will last you for a lifetime if you follow regular daily oral hygiene routines. The success of a bridge depends on the skills of your doctor as well as on the expertise of the lab manufacturing the bridge. Our dental bridges Aventura FL doctors have nearly 60 years of combined practice and clinical expertise. They also undergo continuous education and training so they can offer you the best and most efficient interventions in a completely safe manner.

4. Dental Bridges Comfort

Your dental bridges will offer you perfect chewing and speaking comfort. Your teeth will perform the mastication, as they should, so you will quickly adapt to your bridge and soon forget you even have one. It will look, feel, and function completely natural.