3 Things You Didn’t Know about our Oral Surgery Weston FL Treatments

Oral surgery is one of the major nine dentistry specialty areas and an essential element of your primary health care. We wouldn’t exaggerate in saying that oral surgery may save your life, but what is certain is that oral surgery does save your smile and your dental health in ways you never considered before. Many have mixed information about oral surgery and its importance, so today our oral surgery Weston FL specialists are here to shine some light on this area of expertise.

1. Oral Surgery Covers Commonplace Dental Treatments

We talked a lot about wisdom teeth removals, dental implants, braces and dentures, fixing crowded or impacted teeth, oral cancer screening and possible lesions or the necessity of a biopsy, and so on. Well, all these usual and commonplace dental treatments can be considered to some extent to be surgical procedures. The fixing of implants, the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, or the jaw bone grafting all requires the skills of a surgeon.

Oral Surgery Weston FLWhen it comes to our particular oral surgery Weston FL interventions you should know we offer all dental services under one roof. It would be a detrimental waste of your time, health, money, and effort to get a diagnosis in one dental office, a tooth extraction in another office, and maybe follow-up and post-op treatment in yet another office. We work with a team of professionals who are experts in the field and who have nearly 60 years of combined clinical expertise. They are able to intervene in every step of the process and offer you their particular set of skills to make the dental treatment more efficient and more successful.

2. Oral Surgery Also Covers More Complete Health Issues

One cannot treat just the teeth ignoring their intimate relationship with your jaw, mouth, and face. This is why our oral surgery Weston FL specialists are also trained in facial injury repairs, cleft lip and cleft palate repairs, facial or mouth infections treatments, snoring and sleep apnea treatment, TMJ treatment, benign cysts and tumors of the mouth and face treatments, severe infections of the oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws and neck. Oral surgeons are the ones teaming up with their colleagues in oral cancer screening procedures. Lesion treatments and biopsies are performed by oral surgeons who also deal with malignant oral problems.

3. Oral Surgery Is Stress-Free and Affordable

No matter the situation you need our help with, our oral surgery Weston FL specialists will actively work with you to make all the interventions affordable and lacked of any discomfort.