What are Tooth Veneers Anyway?

Understanding What Tooth Veneers Really Are

Tooth VeneersNo doubt you have been hearing a lot of hype about veneers and that perfect smile, but what are tooth veneers anyway? That is usually the main question that individuals who have some smile issues ask because they have heard that it really can be a great method of achieving a fantastic smile.

First to understand what these are its more understandable if you know what they are used for first. You have heard that they are a cosmetic dentistry services that helps to restore a beautiful smile, so think about the dental conditions that really put a damper on you flashing a great smile? Maybe you have a bit of a crooked tooth, or they have become stained to the point where it is no longer possible to use standard type teeth whitening services to bring them up to par. So you can see the point we are getting at here is tooth veneers could be used to correct a variety of imperfections in the teeth. The decision to have veneers applied to your teeth should only be done on the recommendation of reputable dentists like the ones here at JJ Dental.

Now moving onto what they are is simply a very thin material such as porcelain or perhaps another quality material that is placed over a tooth or teeth and acts as a bonding agent. This type of cosmetic dentistry service is usually performed on the troubled teeth that can be seen that are causing a distraction from a white bright smile.

It is precision work that is being done on your teeth and really needs to be performed by an expert in the application of veneers. If this is a dental service that is being used to correct a space between a tooth or a chipped tooth, then it is almost like your dental professional has to sculpt the veneer so it perfectly blends in with the rest of your natural teeth. You can see that this type of procedure takes an expert with a keen eye for detail.

It is virtually a painless procedure and many only take one visit or require a few visitors to your dental expert depending on the degree of work that needs to be done.

Perhaps your next question is particularly if you have a dental condition that you suspect could benefit from porcelain veneers is how do you go about getting this started? The answer is just give us a call here at JJ Dental 954-320-0065 and let’s begin with an examination and consultation to determine if dental veneers are your ideal solution.